Thursday, August 05, 2010

Will I Won't I - Can I Can't I?

So it's like this:

I've been researching and planning (procrastinating) a novel about an episode in my family's history that changed their lives forever. It's an episode that also influenced political history and made a legal impact in more ways than one. It involved some of Scotland's most famous Nationalists, such as Wendy Wood, and authors, such as Compton Mackenzie.

It brought shame on my family at the time, but pride to the nationalist movement in the 1950s and contributed - without a doubt - to the increase of pride in political history and desire for independence that drove the Scottish National Party in the very early days.

I happened to mention to Tim Barlow (@timbarlow) of Attacat that I was writing this, I explained my challenges (lack of resources) and he had a brainwave; why not post the book online and allow pre-orders, so when the income reached a point that would sensibly allow me to dedicate serious time to this I could do so.

I wasn't so sure. It sounded like a great idea, but ...

And then, suddenly, I had no choice. Tim tweeted that he was looking forward to pre-ordering my book on Friday (this a mere two days after our conversation) and suddenly there was an interest, an interest that I couldn't (in all sincerity and even if I really wanted to) ignore.

So my journey starts here. I will post the synopsis of the novel and if you're interested - and tell me so - I will post the first chapter.

Looking forward to seeing where this particular chapter in my writing career takes me.

Oh, and thank you Tim Barlow, for the "gentle persuasion"(best euphemism I've ever heard, lol).

I'd love it if you enjoyed this ...


  1. Don't listen to anyone but yourself.. but know that we have faith in you

  2. If anyone can write a bestseller its you. You have passion and drive, and are just genuinly fabulous, as will your book be x

  3. You can do this. Make it so.

  4. I'm looking forward to reading it Michelle, for it will be written eloquently and accurately sprinkled with your own unique charm and humour. Go girl!


  5. Of course you can do it Michelle. Keep focusing on the success of the finished novel and write whenever inspiration and time strike you. Set yourself very small goals to achieve and before you know it, it will be completed. Well done for taking this step.